Where will your next career step take you – and will it be sunny?

When you are building your career, it’s common to move around the country to take advantage of the best opportunities. You may be looking to move to another area where prospects could be better.  Or maybe you are weighing up a job offer that would require a move.

But why limit yourself to the UK?  If you broaden your horizons and think globally, you could end up somewhere far more exciting.  For example, your next move could be to Doha, the capital of Qatar in the United Arab Emirates.

What does Doha have to offer?

Doha may not spring to mind as somewhere you’d consider working, but it has grown rapidly in recent years, with Qatar becoming the wealthiest country in the world.  In fact, the city’s population has almost tripled over the last few years, and Qatar has big plans.  There is a plethora of planned infrastructure development over the next decade, including all that comes with hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022.  Development on such a large scale requires armies of workers being brought into the country.  And when workers move in, they bring their families.

The result is an explosion of new schools opening to cope with the rising population, and with that comes the knock-on effect of high demand for qualified and experienced teachers.

Qatar has numerous top private international schools, with students from all over the world, that are always on the lookout for International Baccalaureate teachers.  There is also a high demand for language school teachers for adult learners, business professionals and young children.

So with plenty of opportunities, great tax-free salaries, comprehensive benefits packages and guaranteed sunshine, you may be packing your bags already.


Cultural Differences

But of course, when you take a job halfway across the world, you are making a life-changing decision.  The UAE is a very different culture to ours and here are just some of the things you should be aware of when making your decision.


 •   Living together and having children together outside of marriage is illegal.  This means you will not be able to move to Qatar and live with your partner if you are not married.

 •    Married women need their husband’s permission to work and cannot earn more than their husband.  It may sound antiquated to us, but that’s the law.

 •    You will need to dress more modestly than in the UK, generally covering up from shoulders to knees.

 •    Working hours will be different.  Because of the extreme heat schools often start as early as 6.30am but finish by mid-morning. 

 •    To work in Qatar you need local sponsorship. This normally comes from your employer.

 •    It is easier to get a job lined up in advance before moving – thereby avoiding the hassle of dealing with the Qatar Labour Department!


Use our specialist services to find your ideal job

Here at Eddison Knight, we have a specialist Doha division.  With a contract to provide teachers into the city, we are actively looking to recruit UK teachers to work in Doha, initially as supply teachers. 

By partnering with us, we can advise and guide you on the cultural challenges that such a move would bring.  And as you can imagine, there is a lot of paperwork involved in securing a job in Doha.  We can sort it all out for you.

If you’ve opened your mind to the possibility of working in Doha, why not give us a call for a chat to find out more.


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