Another day, another job hunt. Is there a better way?

When you are looking for a job, it’s easy to get stuck in a circle that drains your enthusiasm. Each day you trawl through your inbox and the 3,452 new opportunities it offers, none of which are relevant to you. Each day you click another ‘connect’ on social media, knowing there is little chance of a positive response. You close your laptop lid with a sigh of despair.

What do you do when you feel as though nothing is going your way? 

You are enthusiastic and desperate to work, but nothing quite seems to fit. You just can’t get your foot in the right door. Indeed, even getting a response from any of what seems like thousands of applications you have submitted seems impossible. And as for interviews, that prospect seems a long way over the horizon. Does it have to be like this?

Well, no it doesn’t. This is exactly how our lovely candidate Maria was feeling. She approached us when she found that she was going around in circles to get any responses from the myriad of teaching applications she was administering on a weekly basis. When on the phone to us, Maria found herself in tears of frustration. She had resigned herself to returning to her native Spain if she was unsuccessful in obtaining a role within the month.

Maria is an inspirational young lady who has a disability and is wheelchair bound. She felt that her mobility issue was adding to her challenges, as many schools were not wheelchair accessible.

But we could see what a huge asset she would be to the right school. With an incredibly flexible attitude and refreshingly positive approach, Maria would go wherever she needed to. Eddison Knight were able to find her a number of different opportunities.

One role in particular, an English Functional Skills Teacher, jumped out as a great match. After speaking to the head teacher, we understood more about the recruitment challenges they were having. The school had been struggling with seeing candidates. Some weren’t quite fitting the role culturally. Others simply failed to turn up for interview. The frustrations were clear. We were able to assure the school that we had someone who was willing to do what it takes to be a success, someone loyal, punctual, and keen to build her career. Within a week we had Maria sitting in an interview, and soon after, she was successful in being offered the role.

We are delighted to have helped such an amazing lady and hope she goes from strength to strength in her career.

This is what makes Eddison Knight a little different

More than just a recruitment company, we nurture meaningful relationships with each client and candidate. It means we can create fantastic matches between the two, resulting in successful hires and stimulating career choices. If you are caught in that negative job hunt circle, why not call us for a chat?

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