The difference

At Eddison Knight, we truly understand businesses by having over 50 years of experience with people who have led in major organisations we can understand the challenges of disruptive technologies and work with organisations to help address their needs and become more agile and inventive. We understand digital and can work with all manner of companies from start-ups to mature organisations to refine and deliver their messages better with the right calibre of leadership.

Are recruiters all the same? How many recruiters do you know that can help as part of preparation work for candidates build and understand 3-year budget plans and become trusted partners with FTSE 100 companies to ensure value? 

We are different. We are proud to be different.

EK Intel

We offer regular insights to hiring divisions or executives we work with. This includes articles of interests which our team works on along with providing access to unique profiles of interesting candidates who will add value to your business.

Our Executive Search services to clients is available globally.

Be part of the Eddison Knight Executive experience

Being part of the Eddison Knight Executive experience allows you to be considered for roles which at times are rarely advertised. If we have a role which is suitable for you, you will experience a deep and insightful engagement about the client, the role, an examination of your strengths and suitability during personal meetings as well as a collaborative 1-2- 1. We ensure all our candidates understand the role, the company and can demonstrate their key skills appropriately with the client.