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At Eddison Knight we engage you to have a great experience in the education sector. Whether you are a school, college or University looking for your next hire or a teacher looking to find their next step in their career, we can help

Schools, Colleges and Universities

What are the problems and challenges you face when recruiting? This year, we met with over 30 heads and 20 governors within schools to understand your challenges and problems.  The leading headline has been to provide better value for money but without compromise on passionate teaching professionals.

We have listened to your issues and truly believe in supporting you with quality and support in these difficult times. We are proud to have established attractive competitive rates in the market that will get you great teachers without breaking the bank. Recently a recruiting head exclaimed “Where have you been all this time, I need you now!” *

You can reduce admin. As a school, college or university we provide tools and systems to reduce your workload and free up time. We work to reduce your dependency on multiple agencies. Schools and colleges who work with us are regularly visited so can understand your culture, your needs and provide the best suited candidates.  Let us visit you to understand your challenges and provide a tailored Eddison Knight service just for you. You represent a unique institution and you need an exceptional service which reflects your values and upholds and supports your proposition.

We have a constantly rotating pool of talented teachers and teaching professionals.  We cover the core subjects plus secondary and further education subjects.   Our professionals range from early years to those in further education.

How do we get the right teacher to you? We know it’s important to not only find the right professional qualifications but also find the best fit for the school culture, energy and style. Eddison Knight recruiters vet or meet with all teachers and schools to determine the best solutions and options.  For fast and easy school hiring, with the best teaching job opportunities – engage with Eddison Knig


Intelligent recruitment for talented temp teachers.

Discover how we connect local teachers with local schools and eliminate the need for cumbersome timesheets and paperwork with TempBuddy. Plus, see the excellent bonuses and benefits available through the Eddison Knight Rewards Gateway.

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