About Us

50 years
of Experience

Eddison Knight is an innovative global consulting and recruitment specialist.

Here is some of the team.

Mohammad Ayaz Khan

Hi there! I’m Mohammad and joined Eddison Knight in 2017. Previously I was leading in various Telecommunication business operations for some amazing companies such as Sky, Sita Aero, TalkTalk, Pipex and eBay. I understand how important it is to have business programs delivered and how great talent can make the journey more easier. My experience when recruiting as a manager has made me determined to help really understand the requirements from clients to ensure a quality output for everyone.

With my broad experience and having worked in various roles with a wide array of people I support many of clients with ideas and advice from current market trends to people management experience. Its good to talk and better to share! Feel free to reach out.

Outside of work, I’m a huge fan of the TV series Billions, Scandal and my 3 amazing kids. I have a huge passion for pool and snooker. I've also started golf (I'm terrible) and also I’m a habitual sufferer of Newcastle United – but we live in hope!

Rahul Patel

Hello and thank you for stopping by; I co-founded Eddison Knight with the sole aim of delighting customers.  A customer to me is a prospective candidate, hiring manager or company and strategic supplier alike.  I have spent approximately 20 years in various technology and business roles, throughout that journey I have made time to talk to my colleagues about their career, future career plans and helped many map out their chosen routes.  I am still in touch with some of them who have soared with their careers through hard work and making the right decisions.

Recruitment is a wonderful place to be, we are dream catalysts and when it all works out (which is more often than one would think) we make those abstract dreams reality; we are instrumental in that process.  We work endlessly for our customers to deliver them with a service that they think is awesome and unique.  Many people ask about our unique selling point.  I believe it is the way we engage, our core values and experience from within industry.  A self-confessed workaholic, when I am not chained to my office desk, you’ll find me playing some percussion, getting whooped at snooker/pool, screaming at the TV when most sports are on, up on the mountains skiing or reconnecting with inner chi under the water scuba diving (I highly recommend this).  Reach out, let’s have a chat, grab a coffee and realise those dreams.

Khadijah Khan

Hi, my name is Khadijah. I am a co-founder of Eddison Knight I've worked previously mainly as a Project Manager. I returned to education a few years ago to complete a Master’s in Business Administration with Project Management (MBA) on my voyage of self-discovery.

Working with clients, solving problems, helping achieve goals has been the focal point of my work at Eddison Knight, and there is nothing as satisfying as helping resolve a difficult situation and help our clients and candidates get moving in the right direction. Eddison Knight has taken me on a wonderful journey and I have met some amazing people along the way and I'm so enthusiastic about the future with my passion being education and IT. 

Outside of work, I love interior design, travelling and cooking, oh and shopping (a lot of shopping!).

David Egerton

Hi, my name is David, and I’m an experienced leader with a history of supporting business growth​. I especially like to use my vast experience with web and ​digital ​marketing strategies to help smaller businesses succeed.

I am working with Eddison Knight to support the Directors in helping take the company to new heights. I have a passion for identifying ​​Practical ways to harness and extend exponential growth. I love challenges and thinking of innovative solutions to overcome them. You'll often find me reading business books and educating myself ​to ensure I keep to to-date and as sharp as I can be.

Outside of work I enjoy spending quality time with my family and grandchildren​. I used to enjoy sailing, especially racing in the IT Regata around Cowes, but now it’s a more leisurely game of tennis, warm holidays and eating out.